Nifty Ends Volatile Session in the Green; Realty and Metal Stocks Lead Gains

Market Pulse Confirmed Uptrend

Distribution Day Count: Two

Nifty opened on a flat-to-positive note today and quickly turned negative. It moved in a narrow range in the first half of the session. In the second half, it was highly volatile, selling pressure was followed by buying, which helped Nifty close in the green. 72% of the Nifty50 stocks advanced today, led by Gail (India) (Nse) (+5.0%) and Oil & Natural Gas (+4.1%).

Barring financial-related sectoral indices, all the indices closed in the green. Nifty Realty (+2.9%) and Metal (+2.6%) were the major advancers. Market breadth was inclined toward advancers. Out of 2,224 stocks traded, 1,093 stocks advanced, 749 declined, and the remaining stocks unchanged.

Though we are in a Confirmed Uptrend, we need to be prudent and cautious while adding fresh positions, as Nifty is currently trading ~22% above its 200-DMA, which is rare. We expect some pullback in the market. However, a small pullback/consolidation is a constructive sign if Nifty holds its 21-DMA. It is advised to closely review the existing positions and book partial profits in stocks that are extended from their moving averages. We will look for leadership among some good stocks to push the market up. On the flip side, tracking distribution days is crucial. Accumulation of distribution days can halt the uptrend.

Key News

Pfizer (Nse): Shares jumped 5% intraday after media reports emerged that the U.K. has authorized the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for use. The stock closed 2.3% higher.

Ncc bagged four orders in November totaling Rs 3,905 crore. One order belongs to the water division worth Rs 848 crore, remaining three belong to the building division.

Burger King, the second largest burger brand globally, launched a Rs 810 crore IPO issue. The issue opened today and closes on Friday. It is already subscribed 2.6 times. The retail portion is subscribed 13 times. The price band is fixed at Rs 59-60 per share.

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Some economic indicators you can consider while Trading Forex

Top economic indicators, index and report which you can consider while trading forex

There are technical tools and fundamental tools which help in analysing the trade in the forex trading. Most of the traders make use of them, but somewhere to harvest most, you require to learn other concepts which affect the price of the currency. Here we have compiled the list of top economic indicators which you can consider while making the trading decisions.

1) Economic indicators

Economic indicators refer to the report or data issued by the private or the government organisation which reflect the economic performance of the country’s currency. The economic information is the key instrument through which one can directly estimate the economic health of the county. But always remember that there are some other political factors which too affect the financial performance of the nation.

2) Gross domestic product or GDP

GDP refers to the total value of products and services produced in a boundary of the country during a given financial year. It is also regarded as the primary tool to measure the economy of a country.

The figures for GDP acts as a lagging indicator. Most traders pay attention to two reports issued in the months before the final gross domestic figure data releases. These are the preliminary report and the advance report. Notable revisions of these reports can lead to considerable volatility.

3) Retail Sales

The retail sales data keeps the track and estimates the total financial receipts of all retail stores in a provided country. This report is prepared by collecting several samples from retail stores throughout the country. Traders can use this to anticipate the performance of most vital lagging signals and to assess the instant direction of the economy. Revision of this retail sales report helps in causing significant volatility. One can also compare the sales movements of a publicly-traded firm with retail sales reports.

4) Industrial production

This report reflects a variation in the production of mines, utilities and factories within a country. It also brings out its utilisation capacity. It is the degree to which the capacity of the factory is used. It is suitable for a country if the production increases while being at its zenith or near-maximum capacity utilisation.

5) Consumer price index (CPI)

The consumer price index estimates the variations in the cost of goods across 200 distinct categories. When we compare this report with the total national export, then we can see if the nation is losing or making capital on its goods and services. Stay vigilant and monitor the exports. It is because this is the famous focus with many investors as the cost of exports generally varies concerning currency’s weakness or strength.

How to start trading with a suitable broker?

The process of opening an account with an authentic financial service provider is simple and instant. You just need to follow these four simple steps:

1) Visit the site of the broker and check the URL precisely. There are various fake firms around in the forex market. Always remember that no two websites have the same URL. Their design of counterfeit and authentic can be the same but URLs are always different for a different website.

2) Get yourself registered with the broker. You will have to enter your name, surname, profession, email id and phone number

3) The next step is uploading the required documents. It includes identity proof such as passport and national id, addresses proof such as bills and financial and bank statements (not older than six months)

4) Choose the trade you wish to pursue and deposit the amount for the same.

Follow the steps provided above to open an online trading account with a financial service provider. Remember to stay away from the fake ones.

There are sundry brokers around the world but finding the authentic one is a difficult task. We have found the best for you. TradeATF is a legitimate financial service provider regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. The minimum deposit to start trade with the broker is $250 with zero commission on the trade.

The Bottom Line

Trading in forexis not a simple job. It requires expertise in reading charts, graphs, understanding statistical data and making their use while making decisions. The charts and graphs are made by analysing the economic condition of a country and impact on a particular currency. The article covered all the economic indicators, reports and indexes which one should check on their part despite relying entirely on others.

Internet Consultants for Online Sales

Beware of Internet Consultants, as many of them have never been able to promote anything of their own, yet are in a haste to charge you for their experience and marketing savvy. Many have never made any money on this Internet, sold anything or consulted with any successful online sales companies. In fact most often these folks hold themselves out to be experts and consultants yet have no real experience at all. The Former President and Founder of Wendy’s Hamburger, Dave Thomas, when listening to those trying to give him advice would often ask, how much money do you have? Often finding that those wishing to give him advice had little if any money, he would think to himself; “why should I listen to you?” Indeed this is a good question.

As an entrepreneur I often have people holding themselves out to be consultants attempt to sell me their advice. Yet on further review they have nothing to offer. In my observations of the online Internet Sales business there are many who are trying to consult, yet so do well. If someone is really a good consultant then in fact they would be doing it for themselves. It is similar to the saying; Those who can’t Teach or those who can’t work for the government. Indeed, if you will look at all the experts out there who claim to be Internet Guru’s ask yourself how many really have made any money on the Internet? Only a few, in fact most Internet Consultants will give you advice of search engine registration, market and sales techniques, but fall down in their own efforts to market their consulting business. In fact most Internet Consultants rank very low in the search engines and most a starving and living on minimal means. So why on Earth would you hire one without proof of performance; one way for them to prove they are good at what they do, would be that they did well in promoting themselves.

Be careful of anyone giving you advice on anything, especially online sales. Be wary of people full of advice with little if any action. Don’t trust under-performers or those who have never achieved anything to give you advice, for you are a better source of information and you are better off following your gut; that is if you are a real entrepreneur.